Ten Great Ideas: What is Science?

Mr Hell's Science.
YouTube 6 mins
Whitey on the moon. Gil Scott-Heron We need to see this before commenting on the use of Science. YouTube. 2 mins
The Story of Physics Courtesy of Dara O Briain's Science Club. YouTube 4 mins
Sheldon gives a crash course in the history of Physics YouTube 10 mins. Courtesy of The Big Bang Theory
Why all our explanations are incomplete The legendary Richard Feynman explains. YouTube. 7 mins

"Equipping people to make sense of Science and Evidence"

Josh Ritter - Stuck to you YouTube 2 mins
What is the link between Science and War? From the Physics and Ethics education project

Head-to-head randomized trials are mostly industry sponsored and almost always favor the industry sponsor.

Link Paper abstract
Why we are teaching science wrong, and how to make it right Link Active problem-solving confers a deeper understanding of science than does a standard lecture. But some university lecturers are reluctant to change tack. Text-based, from Nature.com
How a few scientists transformed the way we think about disease Link Things we would still believe if we didn’t have science and what science has to say. Youtube. Via TED. 5 mins.

Myths on the Nature of Science

Link Text-based from amasci.com
My best science lesson: why history is essential to engage students Link Blogpost from theguardian.com
Biochemist Kary Mullis talks about the basis of modern science: the experiment. Sharing tales from the 17th century and from his own backyard-rocketry days, Mullis celebrates the curiosity, inspiration and rigor of good science in all its forms.
An experiment on a bird in an airpump Courtesy of the The National Gallery of England. Referred to in the talk above.
Teacher guide to using the image above Along with a few other related paintings
Why do people 'do' Science? Series of presentations from various people who have chosen a career in Science
What is Science?
YouTube. 3 mins. Courtesy of Symphony of Science
Teaching Confirmation Bias  
What is Science – letter from Dawkins to daughter

"To my dearest daughter, now that you are ten, I want to write to you about something that is important to me."

How Science works Richard Dawkin's explanation. Brainpickings.org and YouTube
The Scientific Method Vs The Actual Method tongue-in-cheek cartoon