Ten Great Ideas: We are empty space

This must mean that we are almost completely empty space!
Short video (1:15) from teachersdomain explaining this
4 Star
You’re 99.999999999999% empty space. Why can’t you walk through walls? Link Youtube From vimeo.com  
Rutherford's Experiment
Youtube. 3:30. Includes a clip of the great man himself.
Note that it took Rutherford TWO YEARS to make sense of his results
5 Star
It kinda freaked him out
Audio link. 1:30. But it's worth it to hear how much it freightened Rutherford.
5 Star
Why can't we walk through walls? Alice and Bob ponder this in a one minute cartoon. 4 Star
Richard Dawkins reads about the same idea An excerpt taken from his famous TED talk entitled "Queerer than we can suppose" 4 Star
Major General Albert Stubblebine actually exists Major General Stubblebine created Remote Viewing for the purpose of Army intelligence gathering. I tell ya you couldn't make this stuff up -wikipedia link 3 Star
Empty Space is NOT Empty Link From Veratasium. YouTube 5 mins  
Why textbook depictions of the atom are wrong
Youtube. 1:30. Pretty cool
3 Star
Basic simulation of Rutherford's experiment to determine the structure of the atom. Remember Rutherford didn't know then what we know now.
3 Star
This is a variation on the above
3 Star
Nice simulation
4 Star
Nice animation from absorblearning.com 4 Star
Rutherford's model of a lithium atom. From absorblearning.com 4 Star
Why is glass transparent? YouTube 4 mins via TED-Ed  
Brownian Motion kit Link Order online