Ten Great Ideas: The vastness of time

Geological timelines      
Using arm-span as a scale for how recent humans have been around relative to the earth's formation Link As ususal, Veratasium does it best. YouTube. 3 mins 5 Star
The history of our world in 14 minutes Link David Christian of The Big History project. YouTube 5 Star
A 46 hour geological timeline Link Courtesy of the BGS (British Geological Survey).
Has a quiz also
4 Star
"The summit of Mount Everest is made of limestone" Deep Time and Ceaseless Motion from the inimitable Stephen Jay Gould. YouTube 4 Star
Another short variation of this

From evolution.berkeley.edu
Go to the homepage for an overview of evolution resources

4 Star
History of Earth in 24-hour clock Image from flowingdata.com 4 Star
Using the Grand Canyon to date the age of the earth Link 3 min video from pbslearningmedia.org  
Lots of different analogies for getting a sense of how recent our arrival is Link YouTube via TED-ED. 4 mins  
How do we know how old the Earth is? Link SciShow on YouTube. 3 mins  
Graphic of fossils and rock ages A graphic showing how fossils can be used to help determine the age of rocks.
From absorblearning.com
3 Star
How the discovery of radiatioactivy changed everything. Link Earth Story: Video 1. The age of the earth (4 of 6 )
YouTube.3 mins
From The Big Bang to today      
A fantastic timeline illustrating evolution of both the universe and life on Earth Interactive from johnkyrk.com
Lots of other fanastic animations on the site also
5 Star
Time scaling of the universe From The Big Bang to the present day - includes the Evolution of life. From schoolscience.co.uk 4 Star
The Big History Project Link Big History examines our past, explains our present, and imagines our future. Well worth looking at. 5 Star