Ten Great Ideas: Radiation and Cancer

What is cancer? Link Wikipedia
What do cancer cells look like? From cellslider.net
The Cell Spotting project
play with the programme and contribute freely. The program itself is in the 'Web References' section
Why Don't We All Have Cancer? Vsauce on YouTube. 4 mins
The cancer gene we all have
Within every cell in our body, two copies of a tumor suppressor gene called BRCA1 are tasked with regulating the speed at which cells divide.

Michael Windelspecht explains how these genes can sometimes mutate, making those cells less specialized and more likely to develop into cancer.
TED-Ed on YouTube. 3 mins

Why We Haven't Cured Cancer Link SciShow on YouTube. 9 mins
Why Don't We All Have Cancer? Link Vsauce on YouTube. 9 mins

How does cancer spread through the body?
A nd why are some organs more likely to get infected than others?

Ivan Seah Yu Jun explains the three common routes of metastasis.
TED-Ed on YouTube. 5 mins

Cannibalism, Zombies & Suicidal Cells: The Latest In Cancer Research Link YouTube 4 mins from Scishow
Can we eat to starve cancer?
William Li presents a new way to think about treating cancer and other diseases: antiangiogenesis, preventing the growth of blood vessels that feed a tumor.
The crucial first (and best) step: Eating cancer-fighting foods that cut off the supply lines and beat cancer at its own game.
TED-Ed on YouTube. 20 mins
Cell versus virus: a battle for health TED-Ed on YouTube. 4 mins
How do cancer cells behave differently from healthy ones?
How do cancer cells grow?
How does chemotherapy fight cancer (and cause negative side effects)?

The answers lie in cell division. George Zaidan explains how rapid cell division is cancer’s “strength” — and also its weakness.TED-Ed on YouTube. 4 mins

What happens when your DNA is damaged? Link TED-Ed on YouTube. 5 mins
Why it's time to ditch the word "cancer" Brilliant piece from a former president of the Association of Surgeons "While suffering and death are newsworthy, the stories of the thousands who are quietly cured never reach the headlines." Text-based from the New Statesman.
Why we may never win the war against cancer Blog post from wired.com
The incredible story of the HeLa cell YouTube. 54 mins
Most cases of cancer are the result of sheer bad luck rather than unhealthy lifestyles, diet or even inherited genes Text-based, from The Irish Times
Luck Is A Bigger Factor In Cancer Development Than Lifestyle Or Genetics Link Another take on the same report, this time from iflcience.com.
If you survive cancer, you didn't fight harder than those who died. You were lucky. People who die don't "fail".
Radiation vs Radioactive Atoms Veritasium. YouTube. 3 mins
Radiation dose chart - in a 'very' user-friendly format Link From xkcd.com

Ionisation animation

Explaning what is meant by the term ionising radiation

Tissue penetration

Simple animation showing radiation passing through skin tissue

UV radiation on skin

Simple animation showing uv radiation passing through skin layers

alpha, beta gamma radiation penetration

Simple animation showing different types of radiation passing through skin layers
Misconceptions to do with radiation from nuclear powerplants One of my old blogposts from thinkforyourself.ie
Chernobyl: the legacy A related short blogpost from thinkforyourself.ie
How Adi Roche and the Chernobyl children project misrepresent science  
Radiation and cancer    
Misconceptions about Chernobyl Blogpost I wrote on this subject some time back
Is radiation dangerous? Link YouTube. 5 mins
How damaging is radiation? 1veritasium. YouTube. 4 mins
Giving Thanks For Radiation "And so began a battle between what I knew and what I feared." Text-based from a cancer patient. From npr.org
Did you know that the first guy to propose and use radiation to treat cancer was Irish? From Mary Mulvihill in The Irish Times
Video: every nuclear detonation on Earth in 2 minutes: Link YouTube. 2 mins. Sobering viewing
Top 10 Cancer Documentaries Of All Time I haven't seen these, so can't vouch for the ever so slightly over-the-top headline. From foodmatters.tv
What if I took a swim in a typical spent nuclear fuel pool? Link Classic. From xkcd.com