Ten Great Ideas: Pseudoscience

Because the plural of 'anecdote' is 'anecdote', not 'data'
"All those who believe in psychokinesis, raise my hand" - Steven Wright
See 'Correlation is not causation' page from this website Link Why a little knowledge is a dangerous thing
. 3 mins
Using donkey balls to tell the time Link One minute. YouTube.
Sprinkler rainbow conspiracy Link  
Why Anecdotes Trump Data Link From veritasium. YouTube. 10 mins
5 Ways to Tell Science from Pseudoscience
Link inFact with Brian Dunning YouTube. 3 mins
An Honest Liar: The Amazing Randi Story Short introduction. YouTube. 6 mins
Why people believe weird things Michael Shermer sums it all up on TED. 14 mins
www.skeptic.com/ Website of the most well-known site for debunking pseudoscience
Similar to the skeptic website quackometer.net/blog/
Words can't describe . . . Link 8 min video. See it's this sort of s@#t that gives Youtube a bad name.
Homeopathy in the emergency room Pi#@take from Mitchell and Webb. Youtube. 3 mins
Dara O Brian takes no prisioners in condemning homeopathy Youtube. 6 mins
Horizon (BBC) investigates objectively. Begins with an explanation of homeopathy. YouTube. 10 mins. Part 1 of 5.
Or you can read a short summary of the Horizon program here From the BBC itself.
And don't give me the "oh but it's organic" line. Another stand-up routine. YouTube. 1 min
Doctors demand homeopathy products be banned from the NHS Text-based
How about a homeopathic physics lesson from Dr Werner. YouTube. 8 mins. It's not easy to bring E = mc squared into homeopathy, but bless her she tries. The mind boggles.
Psychic spoon benders
It doesn't quite work for Uri Geller From YouTube. 14 mins. Last 5 mins is on tele-evangelism
Lauren and Fry - spot any similarities to the previous link? YouTube comedy clip. 3 mins
Did you know that the Iraqi government has spent 85 million dollars on glorified dowsing rods for use as bomb detectors That's because they cost 40,000 dollars each and . Youtube. 10 mins. It's called the ADE-651 so it must be legit. According to CBS News, the training included instructions to Iraqi users to "shuffle their feet to generate static electricity to make the things work."
Or just go to the explanation of dowsing at 4:45 mins into the same clip And there you have it.
The millionaire businessman has been convicted of fraud. BBC news report
James Randi tests a dowser YouTube. 10 mins. Of course this doesn't prove anything either. So how would you carry out a scientific study?
Carl Sagan YouTube. 9 mins
James Randi offers a simple test to debunk astrology. Youtube. 3 mins
Bill Nye spots a flaw with astrology YouTube. 1 min
Snake Oil
From Dragon's Den on YouTube. 6 min
Celebraties promoting pseudoscience pdf courtesy of senseaboutscience.org
Blog post about BBC news program on the topic