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Ten Great Ideas: Physics and Art

Feynman's flower An homage to a famous clip from Richard Feynman
One of the most famous images in Science
An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump. You can zoom in and also listen to a podcast
Pendulum waves YouTube. 2 mins
Standing waves YouTube. 2 mins from Paul Friedlander.
Spectrum of Colors Revealed Through Lit String Vibrations Variation on the above, also by Paul Friedlander
Aurora borealis Panoramic display
Fluorescence What does fluorescence have to do with Physics and the atom? Nice video on fluorescence in minerals
Physics meets Art: beautiful display of moments
YouTube 8 mins. Make sure to watch the very end
Using radioactivity to generate musical notes. Fantastic Axel Boman & The Radioactive Orchestra featuring Rubidium 88 & Cobolt 60. YouTube
Create your own music Different notes correspond to different types of radiation. Wonderful mixture of Music and Science
Demonstrating the concept of inertia - with a motor-bike? I say this constitutes performance art. YouTube. 1 min
Pendulum Art Beautiful. YouTube 5 mins.
Pendulum Waves with Philip Glass YouTube 2 mins.
This time with a fluorescent effect YouTube 2 mins.
strandbeest evolution Theo Jansen YouTube 6 mins.
Science, Music and Art YouTube 6 mins. Fantastic
Dizzying New Wind-Powered Kinetic Sculptures by Anthony Howeby From thisiscolossal.com
Reuben Margolin: On Kinetic Art YouTube 18 mins.
Air as a fluid    
360º timelapse video captures Kerry above the clouds

In case you ever doubted that air is a fluid.
From theirishtimes.com

More performance art - this time demonstrating static electricity with a Faraday Cage and a Tesla Coil YouTube. 1 min
And if the previous link doesn't qualify, this certainly does - setting two Tesla Coils to music. YouTube. 40 mins
Richard Feynman - Ode to a flower vimeo. 3 mins
LED freerunning in Bangkok YouTube. 3 mins
What have sheep got to do with leds? A very strange application of leds. Youtube
Beautiful images of standing waves created by christmas lights
From flickr.com
Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Foods Series of beautiful images
Series of postcard images for Valentines Day With a Science theme
A microwave oven and soap YouTube. 2 mins