Ten Great Ideas: Overpopulation

John Lennon thinks it's not a problem Youtube. 1 min. How is his 'natural balance' brought about? 5 Star
Jane Goodall discusses the role of the Catholic church Youtube. 4 mins. Note that this talk is only two years old 5 Star
Watch the population increase in realtime From breatingearth.net - watch it update as you wait 5 Star
Worldmapper.org Link Looks at size of each country in terms of its population 5 Star
Freedom in the bathrooom analogy Text-based, from wikipedia 4 Star
Fertility rate by country. It seems that the situation has improved remarkably since 1955 Link Infographic from ourworldindata.org  
3 documentary clips Youtube. 10 mins 4 Star
Monty Python - every sperm is sacred Youtube - 4 mins 5 Star
Series of L.A. Times Population Report: Beyond 7 Billion Courtesy of hakesedstuff.blogspot.ie  
Up to date data on the world's population. http://www.optimumpopulation.org/  
A similar site from the UN http://www.un.org/esa/population/  
Fascinating facts on global development Wonderful use of graphs. Youtube from TED.com. 20 mins 4 Star
Series of videos on overpopulation YouTube 4 Star
7 Billion: How your world will change A compilation of pieces from National Geographic 4 Star
The Science of Overpopulation SciShow YouTube. 10 mins