Ten Great Ideas: Orders of Magnitude

Neil deGrasse Tyson reveals the biggest misconceptions about the universe and we why have diffiulty appreciating the relative size of things.


Youtube. 2 mins.
Awe-inspiring webpage where you can zoom in and out to see where humans fit into the tree of life Link onezoom.org. Do a search for 'humans' to give
Depths of lakes and oceans to scale Link Image from xkcd.com
Hidden miracles of the natural world Link We live in a world of unseeable beauty, so subtle and delicate that it is imperceptible to the human eye. Youtube. 7 mins.
The size of some SMALL objects in the universe, relative to a coffee bean.. Use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom.
From learn.genetics.utah.edu
Amazing HD Footage of Plants and Insects Magnified Thousands of Times Youtube. 2 mins.
A mite on the eye of a flea From imgur.com
Seeing the Smallest Thing in the Universe Link From Physics Girl Youtube channel. 6 mins
Just How Small is an Atom? Link Youtube. 5 mins. TED-Ed
The most impressive image ever taken? Known as the Hubble Deep Field, it images a very large part of our universe. Youtube. 6 mins. Uploaded by Deep Astronomy

Laniakea: Our home supercluster

Youtube. 4 mins. From Nature
Scale of the universe2 htwins.net/scale2
Another run-through, going out then back in Link This one's on Facebook
Largest Sky Map Revealed: An Animated Flight Through the Universe Youtube. 2 mins. From TheScienceChannel
A wonderful run-through of all major events from Big Bang to now Fantastic resource for putting our recent arrival in context
The size of some BIG objects in the universe, relative to the Earth. A series of images. Just scroll down slowly to blow your mind. From rense.com
Similar to above but on a bigger scale Link From physics-astronomy.com
A video referencing the objects above plus much more Link Youtube. 4 mins.
Planets viewed from Earth as if they were at the distance of our moon Link Youtube. 1 min
"You are here". Series of maps progressively taking in more of the universe each time. From gawker.com
Fancy riding a rocket through our Solar System? Then check out this interactive infographic.
From the BBC website
The solar system to scale Link  From vimeo.com
Riding light. What would the solar system look like if you were riding a photon of light coming from the sun Link Beautiful idea. Video from vimeo
How far do you travel through space in 60 seconds? Link  A lot can happen in one minute. From the BBC
How many stars/ galaxies/ universes are there? Link YouTube. 4 mins.
Cycle the Solar System York’s solar system model Link  
And now for something completely different . . .    
Monty Python's The Galaxy Song Youtube. 3 mins
The 'remixed' version This a flash animation of the same song
Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot    
The original Link YouTube. 4 mins.
Updated Link Youtube. 4 mins.
The VERY BIG and the VERY SMALL    
Very similar to the previous link Use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom. From htwins.net
Another varation This one takes a little while to get used to. From nikon.com/
Interactive Powers of Ten From micro.magnet.fsu.edu
A remake of the original Powers of Ten film
Naratted by Morgan Freeman. Youtube. 9 mins
A wonderful run-through of all the major events from the Big Bang to now Fantastic resource for putting our recent arrival in context. But you need to know that you have to click and drag the red triangle. From johnkyrk.com
Similar idea - this time as if you're looking out the front window of a spaceship From schoolscience.co.uk/
The Fallen of World War II Link You need to see this to really appreicate the number of casualties. From vimeo.com 20 mins