Ten Great Ideas: Nuclear Power

The debate over Nuclear Energy      
Official report on Health Effects due to Radiation from the Chernobyl Accident It's not a bad place to start  
How were abortion in Greece in 1987 related to the explosion in Chernobyl? It's not what you might think. Extract from a book entitled Mould's Medical Anecdotes  
Chairperson of Children of Chernobyl agrees re myths assoc. with radiation. Letter to The Irish Times. This innocuous letter could be very, very significant.  
Dalai Lama comes out in support of nuclear energy Pity it's so late - Global warming may well destroy civilisation  
Well you don't read this headline every day . . .

"Cat litter blamed for $240m radiation leak at New Mexico nuclear waste dump"
From The Guardian

The first war caused by global warming may begin here. Between Egypt and Ethopia over access to precious water from the Nile river  
Nuclear Power - damned if you do . . . Courtesy of The Huffington Post