Ten Great Ideas: Mass Extinctions

Human DNA shows we almost went extinct. Studies vary; 15K population 70K yrs ago, to 2K population about 150K years ago.

Help to support the highlighting of the extinction crisis Link Add a #Twibbon now to your twitter profile pic  
DOOMSDAY CLOCK Moves Up To 11:57 Link "current efforts are entirely insufficient" on Catastrophic Warming  
Noam Chomsky: The Doomsday Clock Is Nearing Midnight Link An essay excerpted from Noam Chomsky’s new book, Who Rules the World?  

Earth Story – episode 1

Famous documentary, narrated by Aubrey Manning.
YouTube. 1 hour. If the link is down then just search again
5 Star
The Animal Extinction Song ft. Veritasium, Vsauce2, DNews & More! - Earth Unplugged #EarthDay Link YouTube 2 mins  

How humans won the battle for planet earth

YouTube 1 hour 5 Star
What would happen everything on Earth if just the humans disappeared? YouTube 5 mins from National Geographic 4 Star
This one from BBC Earth Unplugged Link YouTube 4 mins. But she seems so nice  
Mass extinctions      
The 6 Craziest Extinctions Ever Link ASAP Science Youtube. 4 mins.  
Mass Extinctions Link This time from SciShow Youtube. 10 mins.  
The Permian Mass Extinction      
Wiped out 95 % of existing species Youtube. 10 mins. 4 Star
The day the Earth nearly died Youtube. 1 hour on the Permian mass extinction 4 Star
Also known as "The Great Dying" Youtube. 7 mins.  
Wonderful short teaser on the Cambrian Explosion 30 seconds - with narration from our own Liam Neeson 5 Star
We are in the middle of the sixth mass extinction      

Right now, we are in the midst of what’s been called the “Sixth Great Extinction".
The fifth extinction was the one that killed off the dinosaurs and things are moving much, much faster now.

My money is on methane being the reason - I don't expect to be in a postion to collect
When will the next mass extinction occur? Link YouTube 5 mins from TED-ED  
"We're witnessing a faster pace of extinction than we have seen since the dinosaurs went extinct," Link abc7news.com  
LAST HOURS for Humanity? Youtube. 10 mins.
The problem may be the gas under your feet
5 Stars
COP20: Global Arctic Methane Emergency
"Arctic Ice Could Be Melted By Sept. 2015...Then All Hell Will Let Loose."
First press briefing of the Arctic Emergency Methane Group(AMEG) held on Dec. 4, 2014 at the 20th annual Conference of the Parties (COP 20) for the United Nation's Framework ConvenYouTube. 4 mins tion on Climate Change (UNFCCC) held in Lima, Peru.  
Short introduction
3 min video from howstuffworks. 4 Star
The extinction crisis - overview Text-based, from biodiversity.org  
The Sixth Mass Extinction Youtube. 10 mins. Narrated by Liam Neeson 4 Star
Earth’s sixth mass extinction has begun, new study confirms Link Text-based, from theconversation.com  
The Sixth Mass Extinction: We Aren’t The Dinosaurs, We’re The Asteroid Link Text-based from thedailybeast.com  
6th mass extinction? Jarring stats on wildlife today Link Text-based but with lots of infographics  
Earth has lost half of its wildlife in the past 40 years, says WWF Text-based from theguardian.com  
World wildlife populations have halved in 40 years Link Text-based news report from BBC.com  
It's called the Anthropocene — a new geological era triggered by human industry ucobserver.org  
Earth has exceeded four of the nine limits for hospitable life Link Text-based from independent.co.uk  
The 9 limits of our planet … and how we’ve raced past 4 of them Link Text-based from ideas.ted.com/  
The Great North American Megadrought Link Youtube. 10 mins. Hit America in the Middle Ages. Why couldn't it happen again?  
A dodo's guide to extinction Courtesy of Dara O Brian's ScienceClub. YouTube. 4 mins 4 Star
Short video, from newyorker.com 5 Star
Slideshow of just a handful of animals which have gone extinct recently Youtube. 4 mins 5 Star
Extinct "and soon to become extinct" species Youtube. 2 mins 5 Star
The Last of Us: True tales of how various species went extinct Link Text based  
Salt-Water Fish Extinction By 2048 Text-based from cbsnews.com. It's so much easier to pretend this just can't be true.  
The 'rarest of the rare'; animals on the edge of extinction Text-based from National Geographic 4 Star
Interactive summary from PBS.org Includes references to Geological and First Life 4 Star
"Go back. We f#%ked" up everything" Twitterpic  
George Carlin's 'Saving The Planet Link Youtube. 8 mins  
Earth's mass extinctions - caused by bacteria? Fascinating hypothesis from Peter Ward on TED. YouTube 21 mins  
Biodiversity and extinctions      
Biodiversity -what is it and why we need it 6 minute video. It's not all good news 5 Star
Ask most scientists and they’ll tell you that the current crisis that scares them most is the biodiversity crisis. text-based from forbes.com  
Human Population Growth and Wildlife Extinction Youtube. 2 mins  
Overview of an exhibition on Extinction from the Natural History Museum in London

From BBC.com. Click on the embedded video. 5 mins


4 Star