Ten Great Ideas: Introduction

The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe, the less taste we shall have for destruction.
Rachel Carson

We study biology, physics, movements of glaciers... Where are the classes on envy, feeling wronged, despair, bitterness...
Philosopher Alain de Botton (‏@alaindebotton)

Father Guido Sarducci's Five Minute University

Link YouTube 5 mins. Funny cos it's true.
MIT graduates struggle to connect a lightbulb in a circuit link So what do we bother teaching it to folk who're never going to use it?
YouTube. 2 mins.
Quick introduction From an old blog post
Success at School vs. Success in Life link "[Schools] suggest that the most important things are already known; that what is is all that could be."
From thebookoflife.org
Why a student teacher quit "I just didn't care whether the children knew most of the material we were teaching."
So here's my chance to change that. From huffingtonpost
Principles and big ideas of science education

Item 1: "Develop and sustain learners’curiosity about the world, enjoyment of scientific activity and understanding of  how natural phenomena can be explained."
pdf publication of a conference on this theme from a few years back.
students should be helped to develop ‘big ideas’ of science and about science that will enable them to understand the scientific aspects of the world around and make informed decisions about the applications of science