Ten Great Ideas: Our Incredible Oceans

Depths of lakes and oceans to scale Link Image from xkcd.com  
A pool at the bottom of the ocean Link YouTube. 3 mins  
Beautiful Deep Sea Alien Life you never knew existed Link YouTube. 8 minutes  
The otherworldly creatures in the ocean's deepest depths. Link Lidia Lins on TED. YouTube. 6 mins  
Ocean Wonders Link 10 talks on TED  
Exploring the oceans' hidden worlds Link Robert Ballard on TED. Courtesy of YouTube. 20 minutes 5 Star
Underwater astonishments Link David Gallo on TED shows us some jaw-dropping footage of amazing sea creatures. YouTube. 6 mins 5 Star
The deep oceans: a ribbon of life Link More from David Gallo on TED. YouTube. 6 mins 5 Star
Deep ocean mysteries and wonders - David Gallo Link More from David Gallo on TED. YouTube. 8 mins 5 Star
Hooked by an octopus Link Mike deGruy on ted.com. 16 mins 5 Star
Why the octopus brain is so extraordinary Link TED-Ed. on YouTube. 4 minutes  
What lives in our seas Link Wonderful video from National Geographic. Make sure to also check out the wonderful videos in the sidebar. 5 Star
Unusual habitats: Hydrothermal vents Link Wonderful, from howstuffworks. 1 min 4 Star
How we wrecked our oceans Link Jeremy Jackson on TED via YouTube. 20 minutes 5 Star
To see the disturbing amount of plastic in our oceans, see the Plastics page on thephysicsteacher.ie Link