Ten Great Ideas: Evolution

Human DNA shows that humans almost went extinct at least twice in our recent history.
Studies vary but we were as low as 15000 just 70K yrs ago, to just 2000 about 150K years ago!

Awe-inspiring webpage where you can zoom in and out to see where humans fit into the tree of life Link onezoom.org. Do a search for 'humans' to give 5 Star
We are all monkeys One of my all-time favourite videos. YouTube. 4 mins 5 Star
Darwin Day rap Fantastic. From Baba Brinkman on YouTube  
Vestiges of evolution Link Proof of evolution that you can find on your body. YouTube. 4 mins  

How does evolution actually work?


The process of evolution through natural selection is the focus of this video segment from Evolution, which presents a field study of hummingbird speciation in Ecuador. 4 Star
Evolution v Natural Selection From minutephysics 3 minutes YouTube  
Five Fingers of Evolution Link How can a "thumbs up" sign help us remember five processes that impact evolution? YouTube 5 mins. Via Ted-Ed.  
The Tree Of Life YouTube 6 mins David Attenborough 5 Star
Overview Homepage of becominghuman.org 4 Star
The highway of life: the ancestors of all mammals YouTube 6 mins. The Science Channel 5 Star
The Ape family tree A nice image of where humans fit in the evolutionary tree.
I like that it shows that there's nothing special about the postion of humans
5 Star
Much, much more detailed from The Imperial College, London Link Exploring the evolutionary tree of life is now as easy as navigating an online map, thanks to a new interactive website.
From onezoom.org. Can you even find humans on this map?
Video introducing onezoom.org YouTube 4 mins 5 Star
In The Beginning - Richard Dawkins Link YouTube 5 mins  
The vastness of time Link Links to another page on this (greatideas.ie) website  
Evolution of humans      
Planet of the Apemen Story/ documentary. YouTube. 1 hour  
Ten useless body parts YouTube. 3 mins 5 Star
What evidence is there for human evolution? Nice video-excerpt from teachersdomain on idea of rapid evolution at key stages in geological history 4 Star
How unstable climate lead to the evolution of the human species From teachersdomain. 5 mins 4 Star
Homo Sapiens - The Birth of Humanity Link NOVA documentary. YouTube. 50 mins  
Humans May Have Faced Extinction One Million Years Ago Link From scientificamerican.com  
12 minute overview YouTube. Courtesy of the SciShow 4 Star
When Neanderthals and Modern Humans Meet Link Human evolution from 60,000 – 30,000 years ago
Video of a lecture by Professor Tom Higham, University of Oxford.
. 50 mins
4 Star
Ancestors of Modern Humans Interbred With Extinct Hominins Link From the nytimes.com  
Why did one species of humans apparently evolve into dwarves? Link Webpage from sapiens.org  
Evolution of birds      
How did feathers evolve? YouTube 3 mins 4 Star
How dinosaurs evolved into birds YouTube 3 mins 4 Star
Evolution of the eye Short video from pbs.org  
Teaching evolution      
  TED-Ed via YouTube. 4 mins  
Myths and misconceptions How does evolution really work? Actually, not how some of our common evolutionary metaphors would have us believe.
Alex Gendler
on Ted-Ed. YouTube. 4 mins
Research shows that kids can understand evolution if taught The idea that evolution shouldn't be taught to young children because it is too difficult is incorrect, according to professor of psychology Daniel Willingham. Blog post. So why isn't it taught?  
Are some science teachers failing their pupils by not confronting creationist arguments when they come up during lessons on evolution?


Play the evolution game Wonderful educational activity 5 Star
Teaching evolution in Kentuky Link Blogpost  
Series of teaching resources      

Biology at teachersdomain.org, including wonderful resources on evolution

From nuffieldfoundation.org    
Another series of resources From PBS.org 5 Star
Evolution playlist on YouTube 25 videos on Evolution on YouTube  
Extreme examples of evolution      
Hyperparasites Wasps that lay eggs in wasps that lay eggs in caterpillars. Text based from Discover magazine  
Parasitic wasp turns roaches into zombie slaves using neurotoxic cocktail Text-based. From iflscience.com  
The spookfish YouTube. 1 min  
All Things Dull and Ugly - Monty Python YouTube. 2 mins 5 Star
Evolution of Camouflage Link 1 min video from pbslearningmedia.org  
Discovery of DNA Youtube