Great Ideas: An ocean of air

360º timelapse video captures Kerry above the clouds

In case you ever doubted that air is a fluid.

Air has mass
MyYouTube. Simple demonstrations. 2 mins
Where do trees get their mass from? Youtube. 4 mins. Via Veritasium
How heavy is air?
Possibly the single most important concept in the 'Pressure' chapter at both JC and LC
Youtube. 3 mins. Via TED-Ed.
Love the analogy with insects

Did you know that Galileo couldn't accept that air has weight or exerts pressure?

The history of the barometer.
Youtube. 5 mins. Via TED-Ed.
Air takes up space
MyYouTube. Simple demonstrations. 5 mins
An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump.
One of the most famous images in Science
You can zoom in and also listen to a podcast
Documentary on the painting Link YouTube. 4 mins
The atmosphere exerts pressure
Demonstrating atmospheric pressure with a marshmallow. Use a large syringe instead of the specialised apparatus.
MyYouTube. Simple demonstration. 3 mins
Using a Vac-U-Vin apparatus MyYouTube. Simple demonstration. 8 mins
Series of short demonstrations involving marshmallows MyYouTube. 6 mins.
Series of short demonstrations MyYouTube. 3 mins.
Demonstrating atmospheric pressure - the imploding coke can

Simple demonstration. Includes an explanation.
From Hyperphysics. 1 min

Demonstrating atmospheric pressure - crushing a steel drum
Simple demonstration. Includes an explanation.
From Hyperphysics. 1 min
Video of the imploding train carraige
Youtube. 30 seconds
Imploding drum demonstration Youtube. 5 mins. Via Veritasium
The effects of underwater pressure on the body Link TED-Ed on YouTube. 4 mins
Pressure and Boiling Point
The relationship between pressure and boiling point. You could just use a large syringe.
MyYouTube. Simple demonstrations. 6 mins
It's called a Vac-U-Vin. Order it online MyYouTube. 4 mins
Adults Attempt To Do Middle School Science Experiments
The boiled egg and the bottle demo. Good fun
How to read a weather chart From Met Eireann